Hellenic College, Inc.’s (HCHC) most recently audited financial statements for Fiscal Year 2023, show that the school is financially stable. Key ratios continue to improve, Net Assets have increased by 46% in the last 3 years, and debt has decreased significantly.

Investment returns on Endowment Funds were healthy at 5.9%. HCHC has experienced growth in its endowment over the last five years. Assets are close to $55 million and endowment net assets stand at $35 million. The endowment of the College is crucial to its mission of providing an excellent education and professional foundation for future leaders of Orthodox Christianity in America. In Fiscal Year 2024, efforts are focusing more intensely on endowments to fund capital projects for campus buildings and grounds. HCHC continues to maintain a balanced budget and expects positive cash flow in Fiscal Year 2024.

Enrollment has continued to grow over the last three fiscal years. The fall 2023 semester, the school’s headcount rose by 37%, from 100 to 137. The full-time equivalent (FTE) student count rose by 23% from 79 to 97. Much of this increase can be credited to the launching of a new MTS online program, which has enrolled 31 (19.6 FTEs) students. The School of Theology also experienced a modest rise in new seminarian (MDIv) enrollment.

HCHC’s strong donor base, proactive leadership, and ongoing community support, continues to serve its students and fulfill its mission for the Greater Orthodox Community.

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